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Our mission is to Surprise you with the best out of you dream combining our expertise and creativity incorporating the latest technology and global trends. We just don’t create buildings, but also memories. DK Homes and Interiors creates functional as well as fascinating designs according to your layout.

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Best House Renovation Services

Are you looking for an interior designer team for renovation of your house with an affordable rate? We can help you fulfill your expectations with an affordable budget. We make sure that the safety and stylish new look are both equally considered while we make your home which you have dreamed of with our experienced and creative team. We help you change the overall look of your home including furniture and decor with the help of our great interior design and interior decor team.

Planning Your Project From Scratch
Planning Your Project From Scratch

Our dedicated interior designers are there to work on the concept you delivered. Whether it’s a home interior design, bedroom interior design, or kitchen interior design, we take the same effort to bring out the best interior styling for your space. We completely understands that its your dream, so we try to fuse your ideas with our experienced designers and the best global trending style to make it an iconic work.

Free Consultation For Your Project

We understand that you will have numerous queries about the project when it comes to your own home. There will be too many doubts about the design style, suggestions for the interior design and interior decor. To sort all these out you will be requiring a professional, qualified and creative interior design team, here comes one of the best facility we offer, which is an enormous free consultation for your project. We will help you with our expertise in Interior Design from concept to completion.

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We are expanding our expertise!

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As the part of the growing legacy we are expanding our expertise to Interior design Institute, DDAVS which has evolved into the industry leader in 3D Visualization, interior design, and training center providing interior design courses and exterior drafting and design courses.

The DDAVS Institute of Interior Design offers fully comprehensive training for anyone passionate about interior design. The advanced curriculum is designed by a team of educators and mentors, offering a truly flexible program catering to the needs of students.

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We are here to serve you from the scratch your dream, let it be to make a dream home, to convert your existing home to a brand new one or to create an eye catching Landscaping & External Works. We will be with you in every step to help you get the best experience.

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New Build Homes

Home is a beautiful dream, but when it comes to reality, we need to work a lot to make it a dream come true and for that we need the best team of interior designers, who are truly blessed and ready to help us with the best possible suggestions. A real expertise is required to make an ordinary design to a really unique one. We promise you to give a unique home with our expertise in interior designing, home décor and customized furniture service. We does our projects with utmost sincerity and truthful suggestions, best possible stylish and trending interior design styles, interior decors and custom furniture as our projects speak why DK Homes and Interiors are  known as the best interior designers in Kottayam.

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House Renovation

A house renovation have a lot of limitations as it is not a fresh start and we are doing an addition, removal or an extension, but within that limitation we can do much to make it look brand new with the  interior design experts, the best home decors, and stylish and trending furniture. Here comes our significant touch. We know that you are looking for a brand new style and ambiance when you think of renovation with a limited budget. We make sure that we understand the clients need completely and provide them with the best suggestions, Interior design and home décor plans along with the custom furniture and landscaping services which completely comprises in the client’s budget with the help of our top interior design team.

Landscaping & External Works-pic
Landscaping & External Works

Landscaping simply makes you feel the comfort of luxury, style and relaxation. Always a creative landscaping holds a high degree of positive ambiance to the home. Along with the interior design and home décor services we extend our expertise to create the best suitable landscaping for you following the other exterior works. Let it be for a get together, for a family celebration or a nostalgic ambiance we are the best landscaping designers in Kottayam for the last decade. Alongside we handles all types of external works as well which may be a new construction, demolishing or a creative solution for an existing problem we stands in the most advanced rank.

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I always wanted a nature-friendly house with positive energy all around. DK Homes really made it possible. The perfect design of the rooms includes furniture and lighting. Well done, you have a great team.
They recreated my house to the most modern one, I never expected that a renovated house looks like a brand new one of the global trendy style, Thanks to DK Homes.
If you are looking for a friendly team to work on your house interior design project I suggest DK homes, which are the best home interior designers. My house was built by them. The budget was affordable with the best and most stylish rooms, the living room is well done. I have already recommended them to my friends.

We are expanding our expertise!

As the best Interior designers in the industry we have initiated our future plans to develop our own creative architects from passionate young talents though our partner interior design Institute DDAVS which is a renown name in the industry by now.