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Leading The Way In Interior Design & Furnishing!

With many years of experience being the team of best interior designers in Kottayam, we have worked on many high-end modern and classic interior design projects across Kerala. We offer an interior design service tailored to your personality and lifestyle which covers all aspects of the design process. We undertake a home visit to understand your space before drawing up the plans for your home interior design.

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Best Interior design & Home Decor Services

We are well-known among the best interior designers in Kottayam for going that ‘extra mile’ to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Our interior designers are open to numerous consultations to play around with the ideas even at the designing stage until your space looks just perfect as your dream. We offer a specialist interior design service for new buildings and property developments, in which we manage every stage from design to delivery and the installation of furniture and fittings. Whether it’s for a new home, a renovated one, or a specialized development, we can help your commercial or residential property stand out with stunning interiors.

Planning Your Project From Scratch
Planning Your Project From Scratch

As one of the top interior design companies in Kerala which has the best project management, the interior designers of DK Homes ensure that the planning, coordination, and execution of the project are done perfectly regardless of the size and budget of the project. Also understands that we are heading to a dream where utmost good results are only accepted, and it can be achieved only with a perfect project management. As the Interior design projects includes various complex situations, a good project management plan only can help us to avoid any confusions or delays and it helps to keep the clients updated with the progress.

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Modular Kitchen & Modular Wardrobes

When the idea of a home comes to anyone’s mind, the first two areas they always think of is the Modular Kitchen and the bedroom where we need the best arrangements. As two of the most essential rooms in the homes, we regularly work solely on clients’ kitchens and bedrooms. Our modular kitchens combine functionality and style while providing you with a high-performance product. Like wise we concentrate on providing the best modular wardrobes in the bedroom which makes the bedroom stylish and comfortable. This is made possible because of our contemporary designs and furniture, which transforms your existing kitchen and bedroom into a place where you can entertain, socialize and relax in a personalized and stylish setting.

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Custom Furniture design

In the modern world we always give equal importance to the furniture we choose to decorate the rooms as it gives a positive and stylish look to the room. Hence we have introduced the custom furniture designs to get the clients best of their dream. Alongside the design process, we offer management and build services for our designs.  Furniture has been our niche for over a decade and we stand behind every product we sell including designing the custom furniture. By standing ahead of the trend, our interior design services offer timeless pieces of furniture for every room in your house. At DK Homes and Interiors all our products can be modified extensively to suit your style and needs and your layout, take a look at some of our completed products on our portfolio pages. 

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Wall Plastering & Painting Works

With a great design and excellent construction a building may not become the best, there are many other features which make you feel the creations unique and beautiful like  wall plastering and painting. Its an important part of interior designing as it provides the best visual treat to eyes. The Wall plastering is made perfect to get the best smooth feeling to the walls and also we give a wide range of choice to the clients to select their favourite colour for wall painting. Also we always make sure that the painting and plastering is done with utmost care and long lasting method by providing best for the clients as a house or building is a long time investment. The Wall plastering is made perfect to get the best smooth feeling to the walls and also we give a wide range of choice to the clients to select their favourite colour for wall painting.

Landscape Design & 3D Renders
Landscape design & 3D renders

Living within aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes enhances our sense of wellbeing and gives us a fresh and positive energy, hence we always give importance as same as an interior design work. Usually other firms concentrate on the interior design works of the building as that is the main area where they are hired for and wont be so concerned of the Landscape design & External works. But we always make sure that the areas of Landscape design & External works are also designed well to support the interiors done to make he project a success.

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